The Commitment Makes The Difference

“Providing quality and cost-effective biomedical equipment services since 1978.”

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Our focus is on you

Through constant communication and the ability to adjust to a changing set of needs, Modern and our clients are able to build a successful partnership. Whatever they are, Modern’s clients know we offer the flexibility to deliver a service program to best suit their operational and financial needs.

Modern Biomedical & Imaging, Inc. is one of the most proven independent service organizations in the country. Since 1978, we have been a privately held business that has developed and maintained successful partnerships with our clients. By keeping our resources streamlined, the skill level of our employees and the quality of customer service each facility receives is at the highest in the industry. The long retention rate, excellent quality analysis reports, and employee satisfaction within these facilities are true measures of Modern’s time-tested success.

Our mission has always been to provide our client hospitals an equipment maintenance program of exceptional quality and integrity to ensure that clinical equipment needed to support the continuity of patient care is readily available and maintained to the highest standards for safety and effectiveness.