The Commitment Makes The Difference

“Providing quality and cost-effective biomedical equipment services since 1978.”


Modern Biomedical

Modern knows a hospital’s success is not only obtained through quality patient care, but the way the patients receive that care. Modern technicians and support staff go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our clients’ goals are accomplished.

Randy Bullard

Randy Bullard serves as Chief Executive Officer of Modern Biomedical and Imaging, Inc., and is responsible for the vision, leadership, and direction of the company. Since being founded by Mr. Bullard in 1978, Modern has achieved remarkable growth. He has developed and fostered a unique, employee-focused culture that is based on four core values: a Caring Culture, Open Communication, Unmatched Service and Personalized Solutions. He started gaining his biomedical experience in the Airforce and strives to stay on top of cutting-edge technologies that are emerging in the industry. He is an accomplished leader, husband, parent, pilot, and friend.