The Commitment Makes The Difference

“Providing quality and cost-effective biomedical equipment services since 1978.”


Our focus is on you

Through constant communication and the ability to adjust to a changing set of needs, Modern and our clients are able to build a successful partnership. Whatever they are, Modern’s clients know we offer the flexibility to deliver a service program to best suit their operational and financial needs.

In an ever-changing industry, Modern stays ahead of the technology curve by providing continuing education to our employees. We can’t just simply hire the best technicians at a given particular time, but we must show perseverance in keeping them the best. The technicians are evaluated on an annual basis to see strengths, weaknesses, and needs for our clients. Modern will provide specific training for a technician if it will allow valuable career growth and/or benefit our client. All of our employees are encouraged to submit training modules on their areas of expertise and upon completion of an external training school. In this manner, Modern optimizes the information available for the benefit of all employees while assisting individuals in maximizing their potential.