The Commitment Makes The Difference

“Providing quality and cost-effective biomedical equipment services since 1978.”

Our Services

Our focus is on you

Through constant communication and the ability to adjust to a changing set of needs, Modern and our clients are able to build a successful partnership. Whatever they are, Modern’s clients know we offer the flexibility to deliver a service program to best suit their operational and financial needs.

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

Modern follows manufacturer recommendations for all medical equipment service, thus reducing repairs and increasing uptime.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Our main focus is to ensure our clients’ medical equipment meets all safety standards, giving both patients and healthcare personnel a feeling of security when using each and every piece of equipment.

Equipment Inventory Management

5,000 pieces of medical equipment spread out over 20 different departments? No problem. Our TruAsset software program makes organizing and viewing your equipment as simple as surfing the web.

Asset Management

TruAsset allows our clients to know the history, current status, and upcoming PMs of every piece of equipment in their facility with a few simple clicks.

24x7 Support

Modern knows how critical it is for medical equipment to have maximum uptime. 24x7 support is given for emergency callouts, in most cases, at no extra charge.

In-Service Training

Any training necessary due to operator errors will be provided to our clients in order to maximize effectiveness of their equipment. Our technicians will gladly assist healthcare professionals in learning correct usage and reducing mistakes.

Reduction in Parts-Costs

Because clinical engineering is all we do, our technicians and support staff know how to get parts at the best value in the most expedited way possible. This helps keep costs down and increases efficiency.

Web-based, Real-time Software Program

Administration, directors, and department heads will have real-time access to our progress via the web through internet, smart phone, and/or tablet.

Safety Committee Reporting

If desired, Modern’s technicians will give updates and reports to safety committees, making certain administration and department heads are up to date on any medical equipment issues.

Trending Graphs & Analysis

Need to know where our technicians are spending the most time or how much time a particular piece of equipment has been worked on? Our software allows these trends, among others, to be analyzed with a few simple steps.

Replacement Recommendations

Our service comes with independent, objective recommendations for selecting and purchasing medical equipment.

Recall Newsletters

Once a month Modern’s home office summarizes all FDA and manufacturer recalls in a newsletter mailed to all of our clients. Our technicians review these and inform clients of any equipment affected by the recalls.